Fuck Blake Lively, Praise Leighton

gawd, ever since sisterhood of the traveling pants i have wanted to drown her in my bathtub. she is so obnoxious, ewwwwwwwwwww. i want her to leave. the thing is is love love love gossip girl, it is my favorite show..but this dumb bitch just has to be the main character. if you ever read the book you know: the character of serena is more likely to be played by a sienna miller-type. it was the most major disappointment to me when they annonced she was playing serena. but that is not what this is about...
this is about how RAW AS FUCK leighton meester is. she plays bitchy blair perfectly. i notice i always seen to side with the bitchy bitch pretty girls. but thats cool cause they are always the shit. this girl has actually had a hard life too. blake grew up a a richie rich and leightons mom was pregnant in jail! her mom and dad were both inprisoned when she was a child and she is still amazing. i think its always better when an actor has a rough childhood, instead for growing up in the business (*cough*cough*blake)

i am also extremely bummed out abotu the whole blair/chuck relationship-deal! FUCK ALREADY! BE TOGETHER! YOU LOVE EACHOTHER!

-ROSE-RENEEje t'aime

We've Always Had Plaid

classics don't have comebacks, but i don't know what else to call it. THE ANNUAL RETURN of plaid is here. at februrary's numerous fashion weeks there is always one trend you can count on seeing and thats the obvi, plaid. whether lumberjack chic or scottish royalty, it is fabulous.
i personally love plaid more than any other fall-inspired pattern. next comes tweed (but thats a whole different story)
plaid is easy to wear, going out or staying in. i personally am dying for a heather grey plaid dress this fall.

be inspired by these celebs on set and the red carpet

turn the run way into the real way, i did some online window shopping for you :)


Sluts Rock Halloween

"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." - Mean Girls

Girl had it right. Halloween is in less than a week and it is time to slut it up! =)
Mean Girls came out when i was in 6th grade (which is also the year that the slut rule became active, for my friends at least). last year i was a slutty sailor and it was the straight the shit.

i have no clue what to be this year and i dont have much time! what do you think?!

i was thinking of going fetch and being a sexy cat...

yeaaah baby


Floral Laurel

Every fall New York Fashion Week shows off the trends for the next spring, and one thing always seems to be similar:


it seems floral is a trend that will never end and it obvi why. April showers bring May flowers, and pretty floral dresses too! it is girlie yet chic. Check out what was showcased by designers like Anna Sui, Badgley Miscka, Betsey Johnson, Custo Barcelona, Leifsdottir, Naeem Khan and Rebecca Taylor in September for next May...you will love it:

It's Mandy, Bitch!

Amanda Tanen Sommers from Ugly Betty

this girl is the fucking shit all the way! she is the bitchiest bitch, completely vain and the ultimate slut! her clothes are also pretty awesome!!! one of the best fictional characters of all time..i would kill to be her(if she were real of course). her and marc are pretty much to die for. i wish i had a gay boyfriend as cool as him.

-my gay bf is equally silly but not as bitchy and fabulous as marc-

MODE After-Hours is goofy as hell. go to abc.com to check it out, new one every Thursday;
here is the most recent episode:

i also JUST found Amanda Tanen Sommer's Blog. i almost died. read it! Apparently, Mode decided Mandy was the ultimate choice for their new fashion blog. last time they let her do something for Mode is was fucking great. It was when she was doing the "What's Hot" section for the magazine. here is her proposal for "What's Hot"

i will leave you with a parting video of Mandy singing "Milkshake"
loveyouBitches! -rose-renee

Addictive Personality

i have been told i have an addictive personality, and i am sure i do. its so horrible it has become possibly obsessive (hence: the my name).

i get really into stuff, hard as hell. i am an aspiring fashion designer with a love for anything creative. i am also obsessed with television. i watch way too much tv (mostly online).

everything is my passion
as you will soon find out

love you bitches!