Fuck Blake Lively, Praise Leighton

gawd, ever since sisterhood of the traveling pants i have wanted to drown her in my bathtub. she is so obnoxious, ewwwwwwwwwww. i want her to leave. the thing is is love love love gossip girl, it is my favorite show..but this dumb bitch just has to be the main character. if you ever read the book you know: the character of serena is more likely to be played by a sienna miller-type. it was the most major disappointment to me when they annonced she was playing serena. but that is not what this is about...
this is about how RAW AS FUCK leighton meester is. she plays bitchy blair perfectly. i notice i always seen to side with the bitchy bitch pretty girls. but thats cool cause they are always the shit. this girl has actually had a hard life too. blake grew up a a richie rich and leightons mom was pregnant in jail! her mom and dad were both inprisoned when she was a child and she is still amazing. i think its always better when an actor has a rough childhood, instead for growing up in the business (*cough*cough*blake)

i am also extremely bummed out abotu the whole blair/chuck relationship-deal! FUCK ALREADY! BE TOGETHER! YOU LOVE EACHOTHER!

-ROSE-RENEEje t'aime