It's Mandy, Bitch!

Amanda Tanen Sommers from Ugly Betty

this girl is the fucking shit all the way! she is the bitchiest bitch, completely vain and the ultimate slut! her clothes are also pretty awesome!!! one of the best fictional characters of all time..i would kill to be her(if she were real of course). her and marc are pretty much to die for. i wish i had a gay boyfriend as cool as him.

-my gay bf is equally silly but not as bitchy and fabulous as marc-

MODE After-Hours is goofy as hell. go to to check it out, new one every Thursday;
here is the most recent episode:

i also JUST found Amanda Tanen Sommer's Blog. i almost died. read it! Apparently, Mode decided Mandy was the ultimate choice for their new fashion blog. last time they let her do something for Mode is was fucking great. It was when she was doing the "What's Hot" section for the magazine. here is her proposal for "What's Hot"

i will leave you with a parting video of Mandy singing "Milkshake"
loveyouBitches! -rose-renee

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Tavi said...

Rose! Nice post. You have a great blog :)